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本文摘要:完结挤迫一年的最差方式是什么? 参予广告界的“金球奖”——晶英广告节,理解全球广告的近期趋势!进发了全球广告主以及顶级广告代理商的强劲评委阵容,对于参赛者是极好的标杆分析和业内交流的机会。所有获奖的参赛作品都同时免费、自动转入到2017年3月举办的亚太晶英广告节的作品票选中。由大中华领袖评审团和广告商评审团构成的专业评审将在广告节当天从金奖得主中票选两个大奖并授予。 想沦为评审的一员?


完结挤迫一年的最差方式是什么? 参予广告界的“金球奖”——晶英广告节,理解全球广告的近期趋势!进发了全球广告主以及顶级广告代理商的强劲评委阵容,对于参赛者是极好的标杆分析和业内交流的机会。所有获奖的参赛作品都同时免费、自动转入到2017年3月举办的亚太晶英广告节的作品票选中。由大中华领袖评审团和广告商评审团构成的专业评审将在广告节当天从金奖得主中票选两个大奖并授予。

想沦为评审的一员?一切均有可能!上报Brand Culture(品牌文化)作品参赛或者沦为晶英学院会员吧! 理解更加多信息,请求发邮件至:jezabel@cristal-events.com 最后累计日期:2016年11月28日 20项全球Cristal竞赛,多达150位国际著名的广告传媒界精英构成的评委团,在Cristal Festival夺得奖项将不会被划入国际权威广告、传媒公司名列(Gunn Report for Media,Big Won Report 等)。所有从亚太区报送往晶英广告节的作品都同时免费参与亚太晶英广告节的比赛,取得金奖的作品将竞逐亚太区的两项大奖。颁奖典礼以及晚宴将于2017年3月27日在上海举行。

Cristal Awards 2016 CALL FOR ENTRIES! Deadline: 28th November Let’s close the year by announcing the latest trends and are the advertising industry’s answer to the Golden Globes. With Jury panels encompassing advertisers and agencies, the competitions are great benchmarking tools for participants. Did you know that all the shortlisted entries will, automatically, free of charge, be sent to the China Cristal and APAC Cristal award in March 2017? We also have some great offerings on how to become a jury member, by entering theBrand Culture Category or becoming a Cristal Academy Member for example, would you like to find out more? Mail to: jezabel@cristal-events.com Deadline: November 28th Our global Cristal competitions judged by over 150 world-renowned experts of the industry. The award-winning agencies will be taken into account by international rankings (Gunn Report for Media, Big Won Report, etc). All entries submitted from the APAC regions in the Cristal Awards will benefit from a double registration of the competitions! That means: Get another chance to be awarded a Grand Cristal at our China Cristal and APAC Cristal in March 2017- Free of charge! An award show and gala dinner will be held in Shanghai on 23rd March, 2017 to celebrate the winners.。



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